Macarons or Macaroons?

You say potato, I say potato… It’s amazing that the terms for macarons and macaroons get mixed up, as they are two very different things. A macaron is a delicious, meringue-based “sandwich” or cookie – no doubt you already know this! They are sweet, crispy on the outside and very light. A macaroon is nowhere [...] Read more


Another important factor in macaron baking is the choice of baking surface. There are a couple of options available. The first option is the use of baking paper placed on a cookie or biscuit tray. A tip here is that a thicker tray provides superior insulating qualities which helps to prevent hotspots and provide a [...] Read more

The secret of success for piping bags

To get that perfect macaron shape you need to use a piping bag to pipe out the mixture for each macaron. Now I am not a baker so I am not experienced in the use of piping bags. My first attempts were somewhat disastrous. I just couldn’t get the mixture to go in the bag [...] Read more

The popularity of Macarons

It’s amazing – macarons are the new cupcakes. I mean, not that they are the same, but remember how cupcakes suddenly became all the rage, and everyone was making and selling them? Well, macarons are well on the way to experiencing the same boom. Macarons are appearing in gourmet shops and restaurants around the world, [...] Read more

Product review – the Macaron Master

Until recently, we were average macaron enthusiasts.  We loved eating them, of course, but we also loved making them. But, like most people, our results were pretty hit and miss.  Sometimes we’d make a fantastic batch, but then the next time they just wouldn’t work out right. They’d be too chewy.  Or the filling would [...] Read more

Where do I buy all the items I need?

Baking macarons is actually more of a science than an art. If you have the right tools and follow all the steps you will be able to master the tricky macaron. The key is having the right equipment on hand in your kitchen. So here is a list of what you need and some useful [...] Read more