Product review – the Macaron Master

Until recently, we were average macaron enthusiasts.  We loved eating them, of course, but we also loved making them.

But, like most people, our results were pretty hit and miss.  Sometimes we’d make a fantastic batch, but then the next time they just wouldn’t work out right.

They’d be too chewy.  Or the filling would be too runny – or not soft enough.

Luckily, we came across the Macaron Master – a guide to making bakery quality macarons.

This book is incredible.  It takes you through, step by step with really clear instructions, photos and essential “tricks of the trade” to make sure you create perfect macarons, every time.

The author is an experienced chef who has gone out of her way to create a book that is so informative, so foolproof, it should cost far more!

But as a fellow enthusiast, she is keen to share what she knows at a very good price, so everyone can afford to get a copy.   Just a batch or two of failed macarons will probably costs more than this book.

Since buying the book, we have consistently created light, tasty, delightful macarons with lots of different fillings, all with 100% success.

And for those who are interested, there are over 40 pages of easy to follow steps to create a real, sustainable business from your macaron interest/hobby.

We love this book – it’s not one of those lame 20 page internet ebooks.  It’s a comprehensive, 133 page guide that is very well written by an experienced author with a long successful background in macaron baking.



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